About Us

3 Heads, Inc. is unlike many design/development shops that you will come across. It is not about the location of our office or the size of our company - it is and always has been about the quality of the work. Providing the best possible solution to our client's problems in a personal, one-on-one atmosphere is how we succeed.

We have found that the best solutions come from a diverse group of individuals with varying backgrounds. We pride ourselves on keeping a diverse mix of programming, marketing, design and development personnel on staff to provide the most robust, well-rounded solutions for our clients.

Boxing Lessons

We have found that life at work often times mimics life in the ring. Below are a few of our "golden rules"...

  •  It is important to have good people in your corner.
  •  Talk is cheap.
  •  It is better to give than receive.
  •  Sitting in the corner gives you time to think about what you did wrong.
  •  Don't bite!